The City of St. Johns‘ new city commission is revisiting plans for relocating their offices from the county courthouse to space at the Wilson Center, a plan that would involve their purchase of that portion of the building, the auditorium and gymnasium from developer Dymaxion.

Dymaxion’s plans to renovate the remainder of the building into living space are on hold while these deliberations are made.

At a special City meeting on February 15th, the Wilson Center was one of the topics for discussion. Here is a link to the meeting minutes:

As you can see in the minutes, three residents – two of which were involved in the community’s 18-year fundraising and volunteer renovation of the Wilson Center Auditorium – spoke in favor of not abandoning preservation of the historic building, retaining its auditorium and gymnasium for public use and continuing to work collaboratively with Dymaxion on their development of the rest of the building.

A special City Commission meeting is planned for this week – on Tuesday, March 7th at 5pm – at the city police department building at 409 S Whittemore Street (Business 127) to discuss the topic further. The public is welcome, and we would like to invite anyone who would like to show support for continued preservation and renovation of the Wilson Center to attend.

Again, the meeting is this week, Tuesday March 7th at 5pm at the city police department building on S. Business Route 127 (a couple of blocks south of the traffic light at M-21 and BR-127). ALL ARE WELCOME.


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